Sunday, June 6, 2010

Setting Streamyx ADSL wireless router+modem in your home

Being in the IT field, I try my best to help others build certain simple IT solutions in their home. One such requirement was to setup a wireless ADSL modem router, in my in-laws house. Having a wireless Streamyx ADSL router modem, would allow wireless laptops, PCs, and IPhones in the household, to be able to access Internet directly , wirelessly & easily. That wireless modem router modem would be connected to a telephone line which has been registered for the Telekom Malaysia Internet ADSL Streamyx line.

I did a search on which brand of wireless router modem to buy , on the Internet. I stumbled upon the list of Telekom Malaysia certified S
treamyx DSL modems (see link below) .

Based on the list , I decided to buy the Dlink DSL-2640T Wireless G ADSL2+ Router (RM169.00), as I have experience in using Dlink products, and I feel they
are a reliable brand for home use IT products market.

Dlink DSL-2640T Wireless G ADSL2+ Router
- 4 LAN ports ( for physical network cable connection to PCs, laptops, etc )
- 1 tel line port
- ADSL2+ provides a dedicated service over a single telephone line operating at speeds of up to 24Mbps downstream and up to 1Mbps upstream ( adequate in terms of Streamyx ADSL line )
- built-in firewall for security ( I would recommend using PC firewalls rather than the Dlink firewall, easier to manage & troubleshoot by users)
- easy to install with manual & wizar
- web based setting page - can set wireless access password in WEP, WPA & WPA2 encryption protocols
- Streamyx ADSL modulation uses G.dmt, and this modulation has full rate downstream: up to 8 Mbps / upstream: up to 1 Mbps ( able to support speeds of up to 8Mbps, but actual speed is limited , or depends on Streamyx package)
- has QOS support (Quality of Service) which allows bandwidth allocation to specific users, to ensure fair line bandwidth usage & no line monopoly by one user (complicated to set, for normal users).

The screenshots below shows settings in the D
Link DSL2640T for a typical home Streamyx line ( dynamic IP, using streamyx ID & password ). This setting below uses PPPoE/PPPoA mode (and not Bridge mode like old Streamyx modems), which does not require users to use any Streamyx dialer software to run & connect to Internet. You can connect to Internet the same way as in outside wireless hotspots like Starbucks , Secret recipe, and petrol stations.

Streamyx modem setup steps :



Streamyx modem setup steps - list of default passwords


List of Telekom Streamyx certified DSL modems :

Setting for Dlink DSL2640T to use home Streamyx (1/3)

Setting for Dlink DSL2640T to use home Streamyx (2/3)

Setting for Dlink DSL2640T to use home Streamyx (3/3)


  1. Wireless Internet router manufacturers always provide a warranty package together with their equipment. The length and terms of these warranties vary widely. A better warranty may indicate a manufacturer more committed to support their products, while a lesser warranty could indicate a somewhat lesser standard of product quality or reliability.

  2. I would agree. I have so far experience with DLINK products , so I can only comment on them. There may be other brands which offer better reliability , which is actually good. The choice is up to user's findings , preference and spec requirement.

  3. I also would like to note that our service provider TM has a list of recommended router models for use for their home ADSL service , so I would like to stick to that list to ensure optimum ADSL performance.

  4. If your home internet usage is mainly limited to web-surfing, you’ll be well-served by any wireless router on the market, in terms of speed. If you or someone else in the household is a heavy gamer, speed becomes more of a factor.

  5. Very interesting. Thank you for posting this. I'll be looking forward for your next post.

  6. i have the same modem but i lost CD driver. can any buddy tell where i can get download the driver???

  7. I am not sure about the drivers... do you mean the firmware ?

    Check this link for the firmwares for Dlink DSL2640T :

  8. I do not need any drivers to connect to the wireless router.... do you need to configure it?

  9. My really old Asus ADSL modem was pretty reliable. I was an early adopter of ADSL in my area and this was one of the first Ethernet ADSL G992.1 modems.

  10. use ZTE ZXDSL831 alm0st 8 years...
    and still w0rking in g00d c0nditi0n...
    24 h0urs 0n & never hang...

  11. Thanks for these info! Helped me in reconfigure my problematic network ;)

  12. Hello Velanr, I stumbled on your post while looking for streamyx wifi solution. I'm using exactly the same adsl model as yours, setting similar to yours, but the modem still cannot connect online by itself. I read that the vpi/vci setting is the most troublesome, but I had them set to 0/35 already. What else could go wrong?? I had also borrowed some friends adsl and it won't connect at my home. My streamyx subscription was a few years back before wifi is supported. Was that the reason why I cannot use wifi?

    1. I had a problem similar like yours. Almost gave up until I tried using the setup wizard built in the ADSL WIFI . After that it magically worked !

      If that was does not work, and your friends one too, then better contact Telekom to check on this.

    2. Yeah, I tried that too but still not able to connect, the modem shows disconnected about a min after trying to connect. Tried refraining from contacting TMnet, scared they will charge me for service.

  13. wireless modem Thank you for sharing this is very nice post please keep continue

  14. hai....
    need help,i just bought TP-Link TD-W8961ND 300Mbps wireless N ADSL2+ modem router,to setup i just plugin and follow instruction and quick wizard,is there guide to setup my modem manual

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